As we progress into the summer months and temperatures rise, it’s not uncommon to see sun scorched leaves and stressed plants. Some trees are more suited to the humidity of our west coast, and some trees thrive in the semi-arid desert zones throughout the Thompson-Okanagan. Planting sites are considered to have “full sun” with six or more hours of direct sunlight.

During heat waves, there’s no better backyard friends than shade producing trees. Lawns grow greener and shade loving flowers bloom longer under their protection, but which species can stand up to the summer heat of BC’s central interior? Pine trees are a solid choice when planting for heat tolerance. There are several pine varieties to choose from including the native species probably already growing nearby. Oak trees, juniper, and ash trees are more choices for heat resilience and sprawling, shade creating branches. Interestingly, the popular cedar is heat hardy, although they are also at home in the winter and grow well along seasonal rain paths. Whatever region you live in, have a look at native species growing in your area and purchase the same young healthy trees from nurseries.

Planting shrubs, especially when establishing a new yard, calls for planning for balanced design and the successful growth of your plants for years to come. For sandy banks facing full sun, plant lavender, Rose of Sharon, and bank stabilizing juniper. Some shrubs need drip irrigation for the first year to establish their root systems. If you want berries, with a little structural support you can plant blackberries, blueberries, gooseberries, red currants, or Oregon grapes. Oregon grapes make fantastic jelly with the addition of a little sugar and prep time, and harvesting wild native species as a food source is kind of cool.

Our landscaping services focus on the care and maintenance of trees, including hazardous tree removal, upper crown reductions, delimbing and urban forest management. Onsite consultations help developers and landowners prepare successful landscape projects designed for the site’s unique combination of soil, seasonal weather exposure and slope stability.

Contact us to discuss our landscaping services. We are a fully WCB-insured team, and certified in our focused occupations, whether working as a general arborist, faller, or utility arborist. We have over 40 years of experience and guarantee our work. Correct pruning, knowledge of general tree health and safety issues related to the industry make hiring us a wise choice.

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